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Francisco Corbacho Madera

fotoBusinessman Santamartense with more than 25 years of experience directing companies of his property:

        • Salvar la Encina Soc. Coop.
        • Obras y distribucinoes Corbacho, S.L.
        • Rio Guadianan Resource, S.L.

In his long professional path, he possesses the following recognitions:

  • I reward to the best industrial product presented in Ficon 1994 with Obras y distribuciones Corbacho, S.L..
  • I reward the best businessman of the year in environment in the year 2000.

Other information of interest:

  • Experience in managerial activities related to Civil Engineering and Public Works.
  • Experience in demolitions and Environment, predecessor of the direct transplants of trees for his rescue.
  • Promoter of the discovery of the fourth natural monument of Extremadura "Caves León's Source".


Exploration Manager – Facultative Director

fotoMr. Ismael Solaz Alpera. Graduate of Salamanca University, with more than 29 years experience on the mining sector, in the exploration resources as well as the evaluation of mining deposits: precious and base metals, industrial minerals and ornamental rocks. He has worked as project responsible in more than 25 worldwide countries (Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America). His experience is done by the participation on important mining projects on Iberian Pyritic Belt and the Ossa-Morena region (southwestern Spain), as well recently in Santa María tin mine project. In the other hand Mr. Solaz is involved in gold-copper exploration projects on Regueibat Shield and Mauritanides chain (western Mauritania).

The position of Exploration Manager is combined with Faculty Director of QEM’ mining permits.

Director of Accounting and Administration

Flora Maria Duran Diaz. Technician in Administration and Management and Occupational Health and Safety

The Director of the juridical office

Mr. Alberto Hernández Gallardo. He is Licensed in Law. Specialist in mining Law. He possesses a wide experience in the Juridical sector focused on mining developments.

Senior Geologist

Mr. Rolf Burkhardt. Engineering studies at Stuttgart Technical University. Studies towards M. Sc. in Geology at University of Munich. During preparation of the Ph. D. Thesis further research also undertaken for the Spanish companies Floruros S.A. for fluorspar, Hesperia de Minería S.A. for fluorspar, galena and scheelite and Ecesa S.A. for feldspar and china clay. Further work at State Institute for Applied Mineralogy in Regensburg. Geologic, mineralogic and geochemic research for the German Society of  Science, in sedimentary deposits of galena, sphalerite and fluorspar in Southern Spain. Employed by the Canadian company Greystar Resources prospecting for gold in southern Spain, zinc in Northern Italy and gold in Brasil and Columbia. Supervision of a gold project in Salamanca (Spain) for the Canadian company Ramrod Iberica S.A. Manager of a china-clay (kaolin) mine in North and Central Spain  for the companies ECESA and Caosil SA.

Associated Consulting



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